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Riesgos y desafíos

We’ve come a long way since we started. The designs are ready to go, manufacturers have been selected carefully based on our production trip in November 2019, logistics are set and the only thing we need is reaching the MOQ of our unique product. We consider transparency to our customers priority number 1. So, we will keep our backers posted of the steps we make, just like we have been doing with our email subscribers. The main steps we will take after launching are: – Test design in larger productions – Start mass production – Quality Control – Fulfilment – Customer serviceMás información sobre el concepto de responsabilidad en Kickstarter

Compromisos medioambientales

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Diseño de larga duración

Using strong material with relatively robust components for such a small design, will boost Bucqle’s sustainability. Also the Physical Vapor Deposistion protects the Bucqle against liquid, acids and other damages, moreover this is an environmental friendly coating.

Reutilización y reciclaje

The steel of a Bucqle can easily be recycled.

Materiales sustentables

316 Stainless Steel is known as long-lasting material with a low need for replacement.

Algo más

With the enormous growth of online shopping, the number of return sendings has increased significantly, leading to large companies destroying returns since this is cheaper than repacking and reselling. Bucqle is a solution that provides a perfect fit to pants and skirts, even when they have been ordered too large online. This reduces these returns and therefore waste. Bucqle does not only avoid pollution, it also solves the problem!