Born with a sleek design, S1 comes in 3 different configurations that fit any door and home. It features 8 smart access methods for convenience and versatility. Combined with the optional Wi-Fi bridge, you can remotely manage permissions and users or check the access logs in-app from anywhere. Approved by multiple international standards and regulations, S1 provides industry-leading safety performance with a tamperproof all-in-one structure and bank-level encryption built-in, to protect your home and properties 24/7.

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Powered by the most cutting-edge techs, S1 has a fast (less than 0.5s) and accurate fingerprint reader with the ability to store up to 50 different fingerprints. In addition, there are multiple password modes to suit any situation.

  • Permanent Password – Works as an admin password or for immediate family members.
  • Dynamic Password – Is valid for 5 minutes and useful for visitors to a store or property.
  • Virtual Password – Combine any digit with the right password for added security, to prevent any possible peep.
  • Temporary Password – Highly versatile method to set entry time periods by minutes, hours, and dates. Such as: valid from 10:05 am – 11:30 for a specific date or each Monday in a set period. It is an excellent method for employees, service people, or Airbnb guests.
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As an internet-enabled smart lock, the S1 makes remote access easier than ever with the smart Wi-Fi bridge. Entry can be controlled from anywhere in two ways. Remotely unlock the door with your phone for family or visitors, and ensuring that you will never be locked out. Additionally, the app has robust permission management that can instantly grant or revoke permissions remotely so that other users can unlock the door with their own phone.

For each access, you will receive the notification on your phone and the app will record the log, making it a convenient yet safe access method for services people or rental guests!

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S1 Smart Lock uses convenient yet secure physical entry methods as well. It is NFC compatible with smart devices including phones and smartwatches that can act as an electronic key for entry. The S1 package also includes 3 NFC badges for durable, portable, and reliable entry. People with unshaped or blurred fingerprints can use the NFC badge to easily unlock for faster entry.

S1 Smart Lock is fully compatible with Google and Amazon Alexa voice assistants that can open the door using voice commands and it neatly integrates into a smart home system for the ultimate in modern convenience and security.

However, in some instances, a mechanical key may be helpful as a redundant backup system. The S1 uses a hidden key cylinder design that accepts a mechanical key as access.  Simply remove the shell and insert your key to get access instantly.

The included YEEUU app is a powerful way to fully manage access for any door. It maintains a complete log of entries that can be reviewed anytime, anywhere. If any change in protocol is needed the app permission manager provides total control of each visitor’s entry permissions. Change passwords, set limits, adjust time periods and grant or revoke permissions instantly using the in-app features.

For any door, security is the primary goal. The S1 Smart Lock is designed for rock-solid security and durability. It is constructed with a B-class cylinder and aluminum alloy shell that is tamper-proof. Its all-in-one cylinder design has a separated motor structure that makes it electromagnetic hack-proof and impossible to manipulate. It meets the approval rating of all essential international safety standards including FCC, CE, & ROHS.

Data stays safe with AES 128-bit bank-level encryption. AES, is a symmetric encryption algorithm and one of the most secure used by financial institutions and governments. For further data security, all the data is stored locally using methods approved by European GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act) regulation.

Automatically Locks

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Unlike a typical doorknob, S1 always stays locked until the access is authenticated, which will unlock the door for 5 seconds before lock again. There is no worry of leaving a home or property unlocked by accident when leaving the location. When you leave the home, the S1 automatically locks without the need to turn the knob, to prevent any unwanted visitors slipping into your home.

By placing the authenticated fingerprinter on the identifier for 8 seconds, the lock will be switched between always-lock and always-unlock to meet your requirements in different situations.

Auto-deactivation & Alarm System

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For added security, S1 Smart Lock has systems to prevent manipulation or password hacks. The system Auto-deactivates after too many failed entry attempts. After 15 unsuccessful fingerprint attempts or 6 unsuccessful password attempts, the system will deactivate for 15 minutes and send an instant in-app alert to the administrator.

Enable or Disable the Ability of Locking from the Inside

One of a kind, S1 brings the most customizable experience for the door entry control. By simply install or remove the rotary knob, you can enable or disable the capability of locking from the inside, to meet different requirements of your different rooms.

The S1 Smart Lock is designed for low-maintenance convenience and simple battery changes. It uses 3 triple-A alkaline batteries for 12 months of working time, much longer than the common products on the market. Battery percentage remaining is shown in-app along with a low battery indicator in the device & in-app reminder. Even in the case of battery outage, you can still use the mechanical key for entry.

S1 is durable and made for exposure to the elements. The metal surface has an anti-corrosion treatment with mat finish for durability and delivers the most deluxe feeling for door entry. The device is IP55 rated for water and dust resistance that withstand various environments.

The S1 Smart Lock system is designed to fit any door. There are three different models* to fit virtually any size commercial or residential door. No need for expensive professional services, you can successfully install S1 smart lock with simple hand tools in just a few minutes and enjoy the added convenience and security of it.

Compatible Lock Types

For lock body adaptation and perk choosing, please Check HereYou can also contact us at [email protected] for help. 

Single-Cylinder Deadbolt Lock Installation Demo

Split-Cylinder Deadbolt Lock Installation Demo

Integrated-Cylinder Deadbolt Installation Demo

YEEUU is a brand focusing on the smart home. Starting from “connect you with home”, we created a smart door lock that is unique from outside to inside. Based on dozens of changes to the existing smart door locks, our design is simple and practical, just for everyone who loves life can enjoy each detail.

Thank you for joining us on our journey to make homes smarter, safer, and more convenient.

We are experienced product designers with years of experience in the smart home manufacturing industry and work with reliable partners for manufacturing and logistics. We also have a record of crowdfunding success. Because of this, we know what to expect in the process and are confident that we can avoid any potential problems. If some issues do unexpectedly arise, we promise to keep our backers updated about the situation and provide quick solutions.