Circular is the smart ring that combines style with cutting edge technology to empower you to be more energetic and productive.

On the outside, Circular is sleek, seamless, and discreet. On the inside, it’s powered by advanced mechanical customization and intuitive AI.

When it comes to user experience, we’ve made no compromises. The result? A seamless experience that works for you day & night.

Can we introduce you to someone very special? Meet Kira. She’s an integral part of the Circular experience, and her whole goal is to make your life easier—from helping you make improvements to letting you know when it’s time to step it up.

Circular never sleeps, but you’ll sleep better.

That’s because what Circular does best is synthesize and analyze your body signals (night and day!) for unique recommendations and advanced wellness correlations to improve your well-being. 

Circular Tracks: 

While designing Circular, our wish was to create a device that would assist us in responding to our body signals in a healthier way—helping us make optimal daily activity choices instead of just measuring the metrics. With Circular, you can learn about the effect of your sleep on your daily performance and the effect of your activities on the quality of your sleep and your future wellness.   

Everyone is unique, whether it is in terms of lifestyle, fitness, thoughts, choices, recovery, health, or sleep patterns. Circular’s tracking features hold their true benefits in our cross-analysis. Day & Night tracking combined enables us to deeply understand how the body reacts to events and what it needs.

We’ve spent a whole year working with sleep and activity specialists, doctors, and PhD. students to develop algorithms that effectively analyze your body signals in line with laboratory equipment.

The precision can only get better with time, making Circular one of the most accurate and noninvasive tracking devices on the market.

Get real-time, personalized recommendations. Control your ring, visualize your progress, meet (and compete with!) your wellness community, and get impactful recommendations through the Circular app.

We’re taking wearable tech to the next level by establishing baselines for users instead of just measuring metrics and spitting out raw data. Through the Circular app, you’ll be able to:

  • Control your ring.
  • Measure and visualize your progress through our sleep and activity scoring system.
  • Meet (and compete with!) your fitness community.

When working out, we don’t want to wear a device made of precious gems; neither do we want to wear a plastic-looking device to an elegant event.

We believe that wearables should seamlessly blend into our everyday lives, and that’s exactly what Circular does.

It’s scratch-resistant, water-resistant, and you can switch up your style to fit the occasion with interchangeable outer shells.

Need a charge? Connect on-the-go with our mobile charging solution.

The Circular ring connects via Bluetooth to your iPhone or Android device. Setting up the ring is as easy as downloading the app onto your phone, and all software updates are wirelessly transmitted to your Circular ring.  

Built-in intelligence  
                    We designed Circular to be an effortless, autonomous part of your daily life. There’s no on/off button on the ring; it knows whether you are wearing it or not. Similarly, there’s no need to notify the app nor the ring about what you are going to do. Circular knows when you go to sleep and when you do activities, and it uploads the subsequent data to your phone automatically. If your phone is not available, it can collect and store detailed data for up to 7 days. 

Body Signal processing  
                    The ring collects the body signals it needs using its dual sensors (Heart Rate Sensor and Accelerometer). Circular contains a built-in processor that will process the data and send it by Bluetooth to the Circular mobile app for analysis. The Circular app uses machine learning to better understand your habits and offer a personalized experience.  

Wave free during your sleep  
                    Although the 2400 MHz to 2485 MHz radiation output of a Bluetooth device is negligible to your health, the Circular ring automatically goes into “sleep mode” when it detects a sleeping state⁠—meaning that it is functioning without Bluetooth during your sleep while still capturing your body signals. It will synchronize with the app when you get up.  

The Sensors 
                     • A precise 3 Axis Accelerometer 
                     • A red and Infrared Optical Pulse Sensor  

Having infrared LEDs means that there are no blinking lights on the ring to disturb your sleep because our eyes cannot see infrared wavelengths of light.  

Using Circular is simple (so simple you basically don’t have to do anything). Here’s how it works:

 Here’s what our beta testers have to say about the Circular experience:

We think that wearables on the market are bulky, and most of them are gadget-looking. Because of that, we can’t wear our wearables at any moment. Watches and bands are uncomfortable at night, so we don’t like to sleep with them. Moreover, we don’t want to wear our plastic-made or bulky wearables at an elegant event or meeting.

Because we don’t wear our wearables enough, the data can’t be used for advanced correlations. This leads to poor user results and low material benefits that make us tire quickly of our wearables experience. Regarding the data, the output data is frequently either inaccurate or isn’t useful because the recommendations are not personalized.

Despite abandoning our wellness wearables, we still loved the benefits we were promised; and that’s how Circular was born.

We’re taking wearable devices to a whole new level because we really believe in the power of assisted technology. We’ve developed a wearable that can truly be worn 24/7 without affecting our comfort or our look, and that will allow for advanced personalized recommendations. By cross-analyzing your data day and night while taking into consideration your own personal history and habits, we are able to deliver a truly personal experience and not simply hand out raw data. It’s wellness, evolved.

We’re a diverse group of individuals with a shared passion for innovation. Our big “thing” is making sense of data to allow people to live to their fullest.

Our vision has led us all to embark on this crazy journey—combining the greatest tech of the past years to create a new generation of intuitive wearables.

Imagine combining the power of AI, big data, miniaturization, and IoT together; THAT’S our goal. Let’s leap into the future together.

Circular is a vision we’ve been dying to bring to life since 2017. The product you’re seeing in this project is the result of innumerable hours of iterating and reiterating. We’re perfectionists, and we wanted to make sure Circular could do it all—without creating a product that would fall into the abyss a few months later.  With your help, we can make the final leap.

Let’s be honest with you; hardware is hard. We’re still a small company battling some of the largest competitors in the world. We believe that this is the best and most efficient way for us to get our product to open-minded and technology-enthusiastic people that can understand it before everyone else.

Circular needs your help to fully come to life. Prototypes and pre-production units were mostly financed personally and with the help of public institutions and contests we have won. But we now face high upfront expenses regarding tooling, certifications, and minimum quantity purchases.

Our trusted manufacturing partners need a minimum financial commitment from us to get started on a larger manufacturing run. With Kickstarter, we would be able to put in a larger order with our manufacturing partners enabling us to serve the exact customer demand.

Guess what? (Hint: It’s pretty exciting!)

Industry experts in consumer electronics, supply chain, and manufacturing at Avnet and Dragon Innovation have reviewed the design, cost, and build viability of Circular.

This means we have:

  • Received advice and coaching from Avnet and Dragon Innovation
  • A working proof-of-concept prototype, at minimum
  • Realistic project timeline and cost projections and an understanding of the challenges.

Take a look at our highlighted “How-To” Videos Below:

Our most requested feature – The Live Heart Rate

 miniatura de video del proyecto

The Alarm Clock Feature 

 miniatura de video del proyecto

The Circles Feature 

 miniatura de video del proyecto

 The Charging Solution

 miniatura de video del proyecto

 Circular at the Wearable Tech Summit (CES 2020)

 miniatura de video del proyecto

As an early supporter, you’ll get a Circular deal like no other. Choose from:

The more backers, the more benefits! If we achieve these exciting funding landmarks, we’ll be able to offer you even MORE Circular features.

We have been working hard on ensuring that Circular is ready for you across all spectrums. Some elements of the Circular app, such as the five circles, will be created through the funds we raise during the campaign; and partnerships with other smart devices manufacturers will progressively be added with time. As part of our ongoing journey, we look forward to adding more Circles, features, and updates down the road.

Sharing is caring 🙂 Social support is very much appreciated by our entire team. The more people hear about Circular, the better we’ll be able to make it a reality.

More than $15,000,000 has been raised with Sprint’s support

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Riesgos y desafíos

None of us want this to be a campaign where you spend years getting emails about production updates and delays. If you back this project, we want to be sure you can start using Circular as soon as possible. We have done our homework, so the risks are minimal. We have identified and locked in our manufacturers who will be able to ship as soon as we’re ready to. We’ve done our very best to forecast demand and create a solid production plan. However, we know from other Kickstarter projects that sometimes forecasts don’t always hit the mark. If we miss projections, we will let you know why and make it right as quickly as possible. Every ring shown on this page and in the videos was successfully built on our partners’ production lines. However, the Circular app is not yet fully developed because we need funds to finish it.