Hi Kickstarters! Welcome to a new chapter in eco-friendly & convenient bike care.

Quick, clean & accurate. Without dirty fingers.

GREEN DISC is a smart tool for the basic care of your bike chain. Small, refillable and super easy to handle – Just let it roll!

Hold the GREEN DISC between your fingers, press it slightly onto your chain and let your crank rotate backwards. Lubrication is now fully automatic. Two to three turns –  that´s it.

The GREEN DISC! The freely rotating lubricator wheel is applicator and lubricant reservoir in one. It applies just the right amount of lubricant your chain needs while absorbing fine metal abrasion.

While rotation, the soft lubricator wheel adapts to the shape of the chain and lets the stored lube penetrate between the plates and over the rollers up to the pins. Once filled, its capacity is sufficient to lube your bike chain up to ten times.

A product for a lifetime.

The GREEN DISC can be easily refilled and has an unlimited lifespan. The lubricator wheel is interchangeable & biodegradable. It is made from natural raw materials – without any plastics.

Simply refill the GREEN DISC within seconds after a few lube jobs.

The ecological power pack.

Our BIO CHAIN LUBE protects your chain as well as the environment. With components based on plants and degradable additives it is eco-friendly and easily biodegradablewithout missing excellent wear protection. Its extremely good adhesive power and guarantees a low-noise and smooth running of your chain.

No oil splashes around, no oil leaks when you carry the GREEN DISC in your pocket. Move it, shake it – nothing will happen.

With GREEN DISC you save up to 90% chain lube.

A green planet? It´s in your hands! With GREEN DISC no oil flows into the rag, no oil splashes around. No harmful substances get into the soil and groundwater. Less pollution, more riding pleasure.

Chain care: Everyone knows it, and nobody enjoys it.

A proven concept. Refined.

GREEN DISC is the further development of the LUBRI DISC, which has just won the GERMAN DESIGN AWARD 2020 for its innovative functionality. 

The GREEN DISC works according to the same technological concept, but offers 25% more storage volume for your lube, saves raw materials by a new locking mechanism and is therefore even more environmentally friendly!

Carefully adjusted in diameter & thickness, the GREEN DISC offers more volume. A mechanical closure eliminates the need for neodymium magnets.

Chain maintenance can´t be easier!

Our rewards.

GREEN DISC works perfectly with any type of common chain oil – so you can use your oil, or switch to a really eco-friendly system with our BIO CHAIN LUBE. After the campaign has ended, we will ask you for all details in a survey together with your shipping address.

Save money and support GREEN DISC together with your friends.

Tech facts

Works with all bicycle chains /// refillable /// unlimited life span /// works with all common low to medium viscosity oils. Not suitable for waxes and solvent-based lubricants. /// dimensions: approx. 68 x 20 mm (2.5 x 0.75 inch)  /// weight: 40 gram (1.4oz) /// interchangeable & biodegradable lubricator wheel – offered as replacement

More riding pleasure, more power.

A dry chain accelerates the wear of all other drive components.

When you hear your chain requires care, it’s actually too late! A dry chain causes massive wear. And as the lubricating film decreases, quite a lot of performance also gets lost. An unmaintained drive train eats up to 10% of power. Chain care not only protects the bike, but also significantly increases your riding pleasure.

Prototyping insights

The basic design was created in the CAD process.

It takes weeks to get all parameters working, and many prototypes are tested.

 miniatura de video del proyecto

We do the 3D printing in our workshop.

Our journey.

The environmental impact of bike care products.

Chain lube is washed off and reaches directly into the soil – permanently. In most conventional lube jobs, however, lots of oil goes into a rag (and later into the dustbin) – or mostly onto the floor. The same applies to the lots of “high-tech lubricants” with chemical additives such as PTFE, molybdenum disulphide or graphite. If you think that the quantities in the bicycle sector are rather insignificant, just visit a large bike shop and take a look at the shelves…

Status of this project & fulfillment

The GREEN DISC is thoroughly developed and tested. All items shown in this campaign are real working products from a pre-production (partly done with 3D prototyping). With your help we want to make our GREEN DISC a viable product for cyclists around the world. That is why we need your support in financing a first series with all the costs for an initial production of custom materials and the – exorbitantly high – tooling costs. And, of course, the dispatch of your pledges.

Start of shipment: May 2020

After the campaign has ended we will process everything quickly and professionally. You will receive a survey invitation on the deposited e-mail. This survey only takes minutes, ensures proper shipment and includes the choice of your rewards. Together with Backerkit, DPD and POST NL we are able to offer a reliable and well-priced shipping solution. Your rewards will be shipped insured and trackable. It requires signature on receipt. Please keep in mind that you are responsible for customs charges maybe if required by your country for importing goods.

Information regarding the current corona virus situation and our campaign:

  •  Since 2014 we are specialized in design and production of bicycle products,and we have the experience to create a wonderful new product together with you.
  •  GREEN DISC is completely manufactured in Germany. We have well established relations to our suppliers for years and are able to take a look at the production process at any time. If a supplier is unable to supply us due to the situation, we are even able to switch production locally to further suppliers.
  • All components of the GREEN DISC are repeatedly high-heated during production and are therefore largely sterile. In principle, virus-related infections originate from close social contacts, but not from goods.

A freshly serviced chain resists all weather conditions and simply brings more riding fun. You should enjoy that.

DRIVT’s GREEN DISC is protected by international laws and is offered under licensership. /// RETAILERS ARE WELCOME. Just contact us before supporting this campaign. So you will be the first to offer GREEN DISC in your shop! 

Riesgos y desafíos

Since 2014 we are specialized in bicycle products, and we have the experience to create a wonderful new product together with you. GREEN DISC is completely engineered and manufactured in Germany. We have well established relations to our suppliers for years and are able to take a look at the production process at any time, so we do not foresee any direct risks or challenges. In general we are committed to do everything in our power to deliver your rewards in time and keep you informed about all further processes in regular campaign updates. Of course, there can always be delays when a product is manufactured, but this risk is justifiable, because a crowdfunding campaign is not a purchase in an online shop. Let’s be clear: You will definitely not loose money in this campaign, and we will thank you for your great support with exactly the items shown here.Más información sobre el concepto de responsabilidad en Kickstarter

Compromisos medioambientales

Visita nuestro Centro de recursos medioambientales para conocer cómo Kickstarter motiva las prácticas sustentables.

Diseño de larga duración

The GREEN DISC has an unlimited lifespan. The housing (the holder of the lubricator wheel) is not subjected to mechanical stress and actually lasts forever. The lubricator wheel itself can be used for many lube jobs before it needs to be replaced. It is compostable and is offered as a spare part. This concept has just received one of the world’s most prestigious design awards – the GERMAN DESIGN AWARD 2020 – for its innovative functionality.

Reutilización y reciclaje

GREEN DISC´s lubricator wheel consists of a compostable natural material without any plastics. The material used for the housing of the GREEN DISC is an unmixed ABS plastic and completely recyclable. The DRIVT BIO CHAIN LUBE is made from components based on plants and degradable additives. It is biodegradable and harmless to the groundwater.

Materiales sustentables

The most important part of the GREEN DISC – the lubricator wheel – consists of a compostable natural material. In order to save valuable raw materials, the GREEN DISC works without a magnetic lock. This saves valuable rare earths.

Fábricas ecológicas

GREEN DISC is manufactured in German state-of-the-art production facilities under DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 certified environmental management systems.

Sustainable Distribution

All DRIVT products are packed in pure paper packaging without plastics and unnecessary blister bags. This minimizes the consumption of raw materials. The products will be shipped without padding materials. This sounds self-evident, but unfortunately it is not in the bicycle accessories trade. Blister bags are still frequently used.

Algo más

All production steps are carried out close to our company headquarters without long transport routes. We are currently applying for certification as a climate-friendly company and are working to compensate for the carbon footprint of our operations through climate-friendly projects.