Is there anything more wasteful than legal notepads? (Before you answer, remember you are under oath). The original legal pad design hasn’t been revisited since 1888! No wonder it’s the 21st century and the most widely-used writing surface can’t connect to the digital universe and is a doomsday device for trees. 

Legal pad users everywhere should be held in contempt! Until now. The Rocketbook Orbit is an endlessly reusable, customizable, cloud-connected pen and paper notepad.  

Magnets + Modularity = Magic! The Orbit utilizes customized “Page Packs” that can be removed from the pad! Our new technology uses a magnetic base and has stainless steel rings attached to every pack of Rocketbook pages that can be lifted off the Orbit, flipped 360 degrees, and changed out for a brand new mission.   

For your core mission, we’ll equip you with a Page Pack so you can write and sketch at the speed of light, then flip the page for your next objective. A standard lined / dot-grid combo Page Pack is included! But what about other page templates to fulfill all your handwritten needs, like planning the future, conquering your tasks, or writing a fierce space ballad? We’ve got you covered at every phase.

The Orbit uses patented Rocketbook reusable pen and paper technology and is forged with a hard plastic composite with a textured synthetic outer layer so the vessel that protects your notes will last for lightyears to come.  

What is your favorite force in the Universe? Ours is magnetism, which is why we designed the world’s first magnetic binding system. Orbit “Page Packs” are bound with ferrous metal rings and stick to a magnetic pad. That also means the entire Orbit happens to stick to your fridge. 

Rocketbook’s patented technology means the Rocketbook Orbit is designed for endless reusability. First, use any Pilot FriXion product on your Rocketbook Orbit pages for a traditional handwriting experience. Then, simply use a damp cloth to wipe your pages clean again and again! We’re including a Rocketbook microfiber towel for truly advanced erasing capabilities.  

Did you know you will consume an entire tree with an average lifetime use of legal pads? Don’t be a weapon of mass tree destruction. It’s not cool for our planet … not to mention that ordinary, one-use legal pads just don’t look cool. Rocketbook’s mission is to eliminate all the boring and wasteful single-use writing products from the galaxy (don’t believe us? We blogged about it … so yea, it’s pretty legit).    

Make no mistake, the Rocketbook Orbit doesn’t only exist in the analog world!First, use your Rocketbook Orbit and Pilot FriXion pen to jot down your notes and big ideas. Then download the free Rocketbook app. When you scan your pages with the app, the space-age machine vision will “see” your handwriting and quickly capture your notes from any angle.    

The free Rocketbook app will instantly adjust and visually enhance your notepad scans to ensure the digital version is light years ahead of the real thing.       

In the app, you can also assign 7 shortcut symbols to “destinations” in the cloud. These destinations can be a folder inside Dropbox, Evernote, Google Docs, an email address, and many other popular services.

Control the internet with your pen. Use these 7 shortcut destinations to send your notes, diagrams, and big ideas to the cloud at the speed of light! You can even send to shared folders that your teammates have access to!  

The Rocketbook app can even transcribe your handwriting with OCR or “Optical Character Recognition” technology. Transcription allows you to send a digital text version of your notes without ever having to type a single word. OCR also gives you the power to search through all your scans with keywords and phrases. You can even auto-name your files by using the special Smart Title Bar at the top of every Orbit page. Traditional legal pads just can’t keep up! 

Set up the Rocketbook app to instantly beam your notes, diagrams, and big ideas. And save precious time by transcribing your handwriting with our powerful optical character recognition technology. For more information on our OCR features, fly over to the Rocketbook Launch page

At the conclusion of our campaign you will be able to:

  • Pick between Letter and Executive size for a personalized experience
  • Choose from four color options for a futuristic style
  • Add additional Orbit Page Packs for maximized customizability 
  • Add more Pilot FriXion pens and colors designed for smooth writing
  • Add other futuristic Rocketbook products to round out your digital note-taking skills

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This is our sixth crowdfunding campaign, and experience is everything. We delivered on our very first campaign late, which was a painful experience, but we learned a ton, and continue to improve our process with every project and campaign. We make conservative estimates and get our numbers and partners straight ahead of time. With that said, like with any project, there is risk in bringing a new product into the world. It is possible that our reliance on supplier and manufacturing vendors could result in unforeseen delays.Más información sobre el concepto de responsabilidad en Kickstarter

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Diseño de larga duración

Rocketbook Orbit’s durable materials, meticulous design and manufacturing practices, and our patented wipe-to-erase reusable pen and paper technology are built to last.

Reutilización y reciclabilidad

Rocketbook is waging war on single-use notepads and enlisting you to join the fight. Traditional notebooks are made by cutting down trees and applying harsh chemicals to bleach and/or dye paper, just to be thrown out. Replace your single use notebooks with a durable, reusable Rocketbook.

Algo más

Save your notes. Save the world. Get your ideas out of your head the natural way, with pen and paper. Then use the Rocketbook app to capture, scan, transcribe, save, and share your notes digitally. Never lose an idea in a pile of dusty pages. You never know which idea can someday change the world.