The Draft Top 2.0

 “Drinking Topless Since ‘12” 

 Production sample in action

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What is The Draft Top tool?

The Drat Top tool is a patent pending bar tool designed to remove the top of almost any beverage can.

The result is a topless can that enhances your drinking experience and allows you to do things with the can that you never thought you could.

 Not to mention the innovative design safely removes the top leaving no sharp edges. 

The Draft Top can be used on most 8-19 oz beverage cans. 

Are you a beer drinker? 

Good news, the Draft Top tool works on Domestic, Imported, and Craft Beers

Don’t drink beer, no problem!

 The Draft Top tool also works on Spiked Seltzers, Canned Wine, Canned Cocktails, Energy Drinks, Iced Coffee, Soda/Seltzer, and much more.

Why Drink Topless?

There are many reasons why you should Drink Topless, but here are just a few.

 A smooth pour

Removing the top allows for an uninterrupted pour. Leaving you less full and ready to grab another. Ditch the glass and drink straight from the can.

Imagine the mugs as your stomach…. 

Enjoy the full taste 

By removing the entire top, the Draft Top tool allows your nose to enjoy the aroma of your beverage instead of the aluminum top. Enhancing the flavor and allowing you to enjoy it as if it were a glass.

You have to be classy when drinking wine in a can
You have to be classy when drinking wine in a can

Garnish your drinks

Spicing up your favorite canned drinks is even easier when you Drink Topless. Whether you like cocktails or just a little citrus in your beer, we’ve got you un-covered.

Send It

 By opening the entire top, the Draft Top tool allows you to drink from the can even faster. Great for showing off your skills to your friends or for das bootsrennen.

Be like Jesse and Drink Topless

Getting Creative

 Topless cans are perfect for those right-brained individuals who want to get their craft on.

They are also perfect for those who just want to play drinking games such as beer pong or beer die.

Ping pong balls sold separately 
This was not our first try… 

How to Use the Draft Top

Drinking Topless only takes 4 simple steps.

1. Grab top edge of can

Or bottom edge of can

Don’t grab the center of the can!

2. Open Handle and place tool on the top of the can

3. Squeeze handle and rotate

4. Align rim with handle notches and slowly rock to open the top

How Does it Work?

When the handle is squeezed, it forces the center gear to rotate causing each of the four splitters to synchronously extend towards the rim of the can allowing the Draft Top tool to open a variety of can sizes. 

Watch the Draft Top bar tool opening different sized cans (CAD model shown) 

Durable Design

The tool is made of high impact ABS plastic allowing it to withstand the wear and tear of every day life such as:

A night in a cooler

 An accidental encounter with your car…
We’re just trying to prove a point, there’s no need to celebrate it Frank! 

Engineered for Performance

The splitters are designed to be safe to the touch and last for hundreds of cans.

Small enough to take on the go

The Draft Top is about the size of most smartphones and can easily fit into your pocket.

The Draft Top tool is smaller than your average smartphone
The Draft Top tool is smaller than your average smartphone 

Simply click the handle closed for safe storage and slip it into your pocket to take it anywhere.

Interested in Co-Branding?

We have designed the Draft Top tool to be easily customized to help promote your brand.  Just give us your logo and pick  your colors.

CAD models shown
CAD models shown

Co-branding is not available during Indiegogo, please contact us at [email protected] for more information.

How did we get here?

Proudly American Made

It was very important for us to keep manufacturing here in the States. Not only does it help speed up delivery times and improve quality for our customers, but it allows us to utilize a network of talented manufacturers across the country. We are very pleased with the quality and support we have received from our vendors and look forward to working with them for future orders and products!

One of the injection molding machines in our manufacturer's facility
One of the injection molding machines in our manufacturer’s facility 

Production Has Begun!

From design to prototyping, tooling to production, the Draft Top tool has already started its journey from idea to reality. Take a look at what we’ve been up to.

One of the Draft Top tool’s molds being manufactured

Production parts being made in an injection molding machine

Draft Top tools in their packaging 

Hell or High Water – We’re Making this Product

As you can see we have already initiated production for this product, so it’s not a question of “IF” you will be rewarded with the product but “WHEN”. We have proven to deliver on our promise in the past and fully intend to do it again.

                Thank you for your support because without you we wouldn’t be here!!! 

Drink Topless 

The Draft Top team


  •  Why would I want this? Instead of smashing your nose against the aluminum top, you can smell the aroma of your drink. Not to mention a smooth pour and no clugging which makes you feel full. Or just Send It. 
  •  When will this be delivered? We are anticipating early 2020. 
  •  Do you ship overseas? Yes. Separate shipping rates apply.
  •  Can you get different colors? There will be additional color options in the future. Sign up for details or contact us at [email protected] 
  •  Are you able to put another logo on the Draft Top? Yes, but not during Indiegogo. Minimum orders apply. Reach out to us at [email protected] for more details
  •  Does it leave a sharp edge? No, the cut occurs inside the rim of the can and folds the aluminum into the rim.  
  •  Are the blades sharp? No, in fact they are purposefully dull. We call them splitters. Technically they are splitting the metal and not cutting it.
  •  Will the splitters rust? If left in water for a few days or covered in soda or beer there is a likelihood that they will develop surface rust. They are made from stainless steel.  
  •  Can it be washed/is it dishwasher safe? We don’t recommend using it in the dishwasher as it could affect longevity of the tool. We recommend just rinsing it using warm water after each session. 
  •  How long will it last? We’ve tested samples on hundreds of cans and have prototypes that are still being used well above 1,000 cans 
  •  Does it grab the top? No. If the top falls completely in, you have to flip it on its side and pull it out. If it partially cuts the lid, you can use the tool to fold it into the can like the tab normally folds in. 
  •  So the top just falls in the can? Sometimes. It all depends on how the tool is used. If it partially cuts the lid, you can use the tool to fold it into the can like the tab normally folds in. 
  •  Isn’t the top dirty? Maybe but its the same top that you put your lips on when drinking from the can the normal way. So just Drink Topless! Its a lot better.  
  •  Does it work on Tall boys? Yes, most 16oz to 19oz aluminum cans. It does not work on most 24oz cans or the Fosters Oil Can
  •  Does it work on crowlers? No – those are good for a nice set of glasses
  •  How does it work? When holding the tool in either hand, the top right corner has a part of the handle that sticks out. When you push this in the handle opens and retracts the splitters to the center. With the opposite hand holding the can near the top or bottom near the bends, you place the tool on the can and slowly squeeze while starting to rotate. The four splitters move outward from the center when you squeeze the handle. They puncture the inside rim of the can just below the top and split the aluminum open as you rotate the tool. A minimum of a quarter twist is needed to fully remove the top but sometimes it take a half or full twist. Below the handle are grooves designed to allow you to rest them on the rim and push the lid in. Remember, the objective is to open the top not take the lid out.   
  •  Do you or will you sell replacement parts? Not at this time.