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Our Most Versatile Pan Ever

Misen Carbon Steel combines the best features of nonstick, stainless steel, and cast iron cookware into a single pan.

Unknown to many home cooks, carbon steel is a staple in professional kitchens for good reason. Misen Carbon Steel is lighter and easier to use than cast iron, has a naturally nonstick surface, and will last forever.

Quite simply, it makes cooking better, easier and more fun!

It’s Naturally Nonstick

Nonstick performance, without the chemicals.

As a result of its natural composition, Misen Carbon Steel is able to be “seasoned.” ‘Seasoning’ refers to a structure of successive, thin layers of polymerized oil that create a durable, naturally nonstick coating. 

Even better? A pan’s seasoning can easily be replenished if it wears down, for a lifetime of natural nonstick use. When you don’t have to worry about delicate foods (like eggs or seafood) getting stuck to your pan, cooking gets a lot more fun! 


Misen Carbon Steel is easy to season and gets better the more you use it

New Pan (left), 2 – 3 Seasonings (middle), 5+ Seasonings (right)

Mmm Cheesy…

The benefits of Cast Iron, without the extra weight.

We have a fond place in our hearts for Cast Iron, but it’s a hard pan to cook with for many people because of how heavy it is.

While Cast Iron and Carbon Steel pans have similar compositions, Carbon Steel actually contains 1 – 2% less carbon. This seemingly ‘small’ difference is actually quite substantial, and gives Carbon Steel pans a stronger, more uniform grain structure.

Misen Carbon Steel provides the same benefits as Cast Iron, but is thinner and lighter, making it much easier to pick up, move, and really cook with.


It’s Incredibly Versatile

You name it, Misen Carbon Steel can cook it.

Cookware is often about tradeoffs. If you want something (say, nonstick performance), you usually have to give up something else (high heat searing). Fortunately, these rules don’t apply to Carbon Steel.

Misen Carbon Steel’s natural nonstick surface, high heat tolerance, and durability makes it perfect for almost any dish. Pizza, omelets, steak, seafood, veggies — you name it, this pan can cook it to perfection.


Misen Carbon Steel can do the job of three other pans

It’s Easy to Clean

Love Cooking but Hate Cleaning? Us too.

If you couldn’t already tell, we LOVE cooking. Cleaning? Not so much. After a lot of cooking, easy clean-up is something we greatly appreciate. 

Misen Carbon Steel’s naturally seasoned nonstick surface makes it incredibly easy to clean. Most of the time a little water and a towel will do the trick!  


It Will Last Forever

Misen Carbon Steel is built to last a lifetime

Our Carbon Steel Pan is made from 99% Iron and 1% Carbon, a composition that is stronger than Cast Iron and durable enough to last a lifetime. So your Misen Carbon Steel won’t just be your favorite pan, but one that future generations can enjoy too! 

Key Features